Why you need a professional workshop facilitator for your workshop or conference!

Corporate and conference workshops aren’t just a job for me. 

That energy buzz you get when you see people engage. The moments when insights and knowledge land and you know you’ve made a difference. You can feel it in the room. 

If you’re planning a Conference or Workshop for your team or members this year, here’s some things to keep in mind: 

  1. Get specific in your brief to your workshop facilitator. They need the real deal, including any issues, challenges and undercurrents there may be in your team or organisation. 
  2. Have a 30 minute (minimum) briefing conversation to ensure a good fit for the scale of the event, duration and content. Get a proposal from your workshop facilitator including a detailed scope which demonstrates their expertise in answering the brief, including a timed agenda and professional fees. 
  3. Don’t just decide on price. You need to find someone you really want to work with to facilitate your event. Your people deserve value in return for their investment of time. 

Ultimately, you need them to leave the room feeling inspired, engaged and ready to implement some of the strategies they have learnt. 

Motivated teams are more focused, productive and more likely to deliver for you. Who doesn’t want that for their business? 

Pictured, one of my best Conference Workshops of 2023, @Tākina – Wellington Convention & Exhibition Centre July 2023. 

I also run board room-size workshops for teams and companies across NZ. If you’re looking for an experienced Workshop and Conference Workshop Facilitator in Wellington, Auckland or Christchurch, I’d be delighted to connect. 


Learn more about my personal approach or book a 30 minute intro chat here!

Thank you and I wish you every success in your endeavours in 2024!