About me

For years, I had wanted to start my own business and leverage my skills in a way that felt genuinely impactful and to make a more meaningful contribution to the world.

My story

After two decades in the corporate world, enjoying success but feeling unfulfilled, I embarked on a journey of personal and professional transformation.

Despite a successful career, I had a profound sense of emptiness, constantly wondering if there was more to life than this. I was a perfectionist, always pushing myself to the limit, living perpetually in a state of rush, and saying yes to too much. I said everything was “fine,” yet underneath I was deeply exhausted and disconnected.

My passion for people development led me to reinvent myself after pausing my career for motherhood and gaining certification from the Brave Thinking Institute.

Now, as a divorced mother of teenagers, I have a growing coaching business that allows me to live authentically, support my family, and help others achieve their dream.

Eight years in, I cherish the freedom and fulfillment my new path has given me.

Working with me

The key to effecting change lies in moving from the confines of our self-imposed narratives—our limiting beliefs—into decisive action.

Everyone I work with faces a unique set of challenges. Together, we’ll identify the most effective strategy tailored just for you. Once we get clear on how I can best support your journey, I’ll equip you with innovative strategies, along with encouragement, support, and importantly, accountability.

My expertise lies in guiding people towards being kinder to themselves, building self-belief, making peace with their inner critic, and nurturing their courage and confidence. The goal is authenticity—being real in every aspect of life, whether at work, in relationships, or, most importantly, with oneself.

The testimonials below, stand as a testament to the transformative impact this approach has had on both the personal and professional lives of my clients.


I originally started having sessions with Vicky for help and guidance when I was unhappy in my career. Over the last few months, she has helped me navigate into a new and challenging role. Her useful tips and tricks, and knack for finding simple solutions to what seem like complex problems, are invaluable!
Jennifer Woodlock

"Nugget of Wisdom"

Vicky’s passion to inspire people while guiding them to achieve the results they desire is undeniable. I look forward to every time I catch up with Vicky as I always walk away with a nugget of wisdom.
James Gill

"Helped me tremendously!"

Vicky’s encouragement, coaching and support helped me tremendously in developing a vision for the third chapter of my life. The experience was transformational!
Mary Ferreri

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