Leadership Coaching

I help anyone who holds a C-Suite, Director or Function Leadership position to work out who they are in this new position, to answer, “What is my personal brand”, or “What do I bring to organisation” so that they can feel more confident and show up authentically.

Key challenges I help you resolve:

Demonstrating your value to your boss, peers and people you manage. To lead confidently and fairly and hold your own whoever you need to have hard conversations with.

Managing the often overwhelming range of people and/or system management challenges that make up a normal day/week in your leadership role.

Firefighting and staying calm as well as working on your own KPIs alongside others to achieve their goals.

To lead by example, to inspire and motivate your people because you are inspired and motivated yourself.

To provide the right strategies to anyone going for a promotion or moving into a leadership role, perhaps from a more technical or system based position with little or no people management training.

To manage overwhelm and procrastination so everything is delivered on time with less stress. New strategies or an overhaul of your current processes can create big changes to how we deliver.

Time management! Every week I meet someone in a Leadership role who isn't planning ahead, blocking time, ensuring they take their breaks and work reasonable hours...and leave work at work.

I promise to encourage and inspire you, to keep you accountable, and to push you beyond your comfort zone when you need it.

How it works:

We start with a free 30-minute introductory chat to see if we are a good fit.

If we agree to work together, you can book a single Leadership and Life session or go ahead and book a Block of 5. We can do weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions, whichever works better for you. I offer in-person (Wellington only) or online sessions.

Once you book a session I send you a series of questions to help you to define what your biggest challenges are. And ask about ideal outcomes from your coaching sessions. This helps us to get the most out of our initial session.

In our first session we work out what Leadership support looks like for you. What your priority to resolve right now, and what is the best solution that you feel comfortable delivering. There may be more than one priority or they may be ongoing.

Every session we will cover off anything that has occurred and requires a solution immediately plus ongoing work and progress on agreed actions from previous sessions.

Accountability: I note key actions and considerations in each session, which I write up into a summary for you. You can use this to keep on track with you weekly or fortnightly actions. We check in on progress or to find a different solution or action if required during the next session.

Some recent success stories

Overwhelmed and stuck in procrastination

Corporate professional woman trying for over a year to get Director promotion. Stuck on overwhelm, unmotivated and in her words, a terrible procrastinator. Through our sessions that we established she was very overcommitted, and lacked confidence in herself. 

We refined her schedule, helped her to delegate or remove some of her commitments, and taught her time management techniques.

Our sessions helped her to understand who she was now, in this moment, leave the past behind and step up toward promotion with more confidence and success.

Entrepreneur with impostor syndrome, feeling stuck in fear and self doubt

25yr entrepreneur with a traumatic past, running his own businesses. Lots of ambition but not much practical people management and business experience.

Struggling to see the positives and feeling stuck in self doubt and impostor syndrome. Not confident in his relationship which was impacting everything.

I taught him to scan for good, he said after 1 session “scanning for good has been going really well and I am implementing all the time. And acknowledging that fear and self doubt are just natural has given me a lot of clarity, thank you so much for your wisdom”.

Film industry professional establishing personal brand and stepping into her power

Highly experienced and a technical expert going for a promotion when we met. 11 people went for the job, after several sessions, she got the role.

Our work together started with stepping into a promotion wanting to clarify and establish her personal brand and what she wanted to bring to this position. This has become an ongoing monthly arrangement where we troubleshoot any issue that arises and help her with strategies to make her look good amongst her peers and to her boss.

Since working together she has been asked to present at two conferences and won and done the acceptance speech for a film award.

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