Workshop Facilitator

Invest in your people, see improved levels of engagement, increased productivity, and high achievement.

Ensuring everyone involved feels heard, respected, and valued

I am a facilitator and life coach dedicated to helping others identify their true potential and passion in life. I take pride in offering personalised coaching strategies that are tailored to each unique team.

My work as a professional coach and facilitator focuses on enabling confidence, collaboration, productivity, and success. Helping individuals, teams, and businesses to stay engaged and motivated to achieve outstanding results.

I offer strategies, guidance, and accountability as well as emotional encouragement and support to any organization I work with. My main goal is always to ensure everyone involved feels heard, respected, and valued while we collaboratively strive toward the desired outcomes.

I design sessions to create a safe space for individuals and groups to explore difficult conversations, build meaningful relationships and learn how to ignite change.

How it works


Before the Meeting

We meet to get clear on your desired outcomes, then we plan the workshop to support your goals.

In Session

I work in an empowering way to ensure everyone is participating and feels supported. We work through challenges and areas of concern e.g. communication, morale, or leadership style.



After the Meeting

synthesise everything into a helpful document with prioritised action points and insights on how to meet your goals. This includes timeframes and responsibility for actions which will (ideally) have been allocated during the session. I also run follow-up check-in sessions if required.

Workshops to boost morale and engagement

Are your staff unhappy or disengaged?

Do they lack motivation?

Can team meetings be too long, unproductive, or full of challenges?

Are people struggling to work together?

If morale is low and your team is unhappy, it’s very likely that there is an underlying problem.

Hiring a facilitator to run a Workshop for your people can be a great way to get to the heart of the matter, solving problems quickly and working through issues before it’s too late.

Work shops can be customised to suit a specific corporate training plan, or to focus on the common recurrent themes seen in workplaces such as impostor syndrome, managing self-doubt, speaking up in meetings or in public, fostering more team spirit or engagement and working through issues like perfectionism or procrastination.

"Grit and talent"

I was impressed with the grit and talent that Vicky demonstrated as a facilitator. Not only was she able to turn the conversation from disruptive conflict into one for future planning, but she was also able to bring everybody along on the journey with her.
Cala Rey Vasquez, AFS International

"Effective and strategic planning"

She guided and facilitated the participants through an effective strategic planning process to achieve the outcome we sought
Mahanga Maru, CAA

"A path I feel happy about"

I have worked with Vicky for over two years and I am more settled than I have been for a long time including my work hours and terms sitting balanced. We just workshopped the next chapter of my life and career. I now have a path I feel happy about. I have a lot to thank Vicky for.
Erena Brew

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