Why you have to slow down to start living

Why you have to slow down to start living

Do you feel like you’re always rushing from one thing to the next? Feeling pushed for time and that you can’t catch up?

Many of us go through life thinking that we’re not doing enough, feeling like we’re not living up to expectations and feeling like we’re failing.

These thoughts keep us in a life full of hustle, push and pain, but what if I told you we ACTUALLY have a choice?

We can choose to slow down

Most of us live in ‘hustle and bustle’, which prevents us from living wholeheartedly. We live in adrenaline moving from one thing to the next, worrying about the next thing on the list, passing through tasks so fast without stopping to appreciate what we’ve done. Before we know it, the days, weeks, months, and years have gone by in a flash.

What if we had the power to give ourselves an expansion of time? Instead of thinking, “I can’t stop, I don’t have time”, we tell ourselves, “I have all the time I need to do what I WANT to do.” Our lives would feel more enjoyable, less pressured, and much less anxiety-provoking.

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” Charles Buxton

Creating time for ourselves

Choosing to give yourself permission to slow down and live ‘in flow’ is about tuning into yourself. It’s about slowing down your thinking.

For example, you can’t go from living on adrenaline and caffeine to having a life full of mindfulness. But you can start by putting small moments of stillness into your day.

I like to think of these moments of stillness as traffic islands on a motorway. Instead of powering through the day like we usually do, we can learn to make time for ourselves.

Instead of having lunch at our desks, we can stop and go outside for 15 minutes. This small habit might lead to having lunch out in the sunshine or having a short walk around the block. These moments break up the relentlessness of the day and start to help us slow down. Instead of running in a gym on a treadmill, it’s like running outside, taking the time to smell the fresh air, noticing what’s around us – even saying hello to people. These islands of time give us a small moment of self-awareness. We start to realise we have the power to step outside ourselves and be more conscious about our choices.

“Look up at the sky. You’ll never find rainbows if you’re looking down.” Charlie Chaplin

Giving yourself permission

When we’re too busy, we think, “oh no, I can’t possibly go outside for 10-minutes” – but why the heck not? The reality is, if we’re too busy to take just 10-minutes, then it probably means we should take an hour because we need it more!

Living ‘in flow’ is about giving yourself choices. It’s about giving yourself permission to take your foot off the gas and just slow down. Instead of rushing through each day, ask yourself, “what is it that I need right now?” or “what would make me feel better?”

Learning to take all the time we need is the opposite of living in hustle and stress.

Living life ‘in flow’.

We might have a high-powered job that pays well. But if we’re constantly feeling exhausted, disappointed, and can’t enjoy our children or go on a date with our partner without falling asleep, something must change.

Living ‘in flow’ is about getting better at tuning into ourselves and what brings us the most joy. Filtering out the aspects of life that are not bringing us happiness and focusing on the things that will make us feel more fulfilled. By living ‘in flow’, we are fully present, live in the moment, appreciate the people around us and can be our best selves.

Create a life that brings you joy!

You deserve to live your best life and live your life’s work. That means all of it, not just the hours you put into your day job. It’s about having the best life you can, full of balance, beautiful memories, and meaningful moments with people you care about the most. It’s about feeling satisfied that you’re doing a great job. It also means you feel happy, accomplished, and recognised for your input. Above all, feeling that what you did made a difference.

Do you want to slow down and start living?

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