Why OVERRIDING your COMFORT ZONE can be the very best thing to do

Finding success via adversity is such a learning journey. Here are examples three examples from my life! 

 Ten years ago, in my mid forties, I moved to NZ from the Uk with my (then) husband and young children. Moving away from my family (I’m the oldest of four) and friends was pretty daunting. I knew in my heart that New Zealand was the right place to bring up our children. This left me feeling very isolated and reliant on my ex financially as well as socially. Super hard as an independent woman who had earned her own money her whole career before kids. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself, “maybe this is just how it looks as it all works out?” And I’m pleased to report we are still here, and it did! 

 I have a history of depression and anxiety. I never thought I’d ever be able to come off the medication. I did cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling and lots of negotiating with my inner critic! Having two under two in the UK was the making of me in many ways but super tough. I had post natal depression twice too. Despite this I learnt through the experience and struggles that I was stronger than I thought. I realised that it was ON ME to turn things around, that there was no one to blame and that no one else could do that for me. Looking back now, proving to myself that I could survive moving countries with two little kids and be a good Mum was part of my healing. The other thing was action. Taking action is the very best antidote to anxiety I know. And I use this still, I make myself take action when I’m struggling as this almost always shows me the way. 

 Deciding to train as a life coach was a LONG journey for me. Despite loving the leadership, people management and development part of my corporate roles. When I thought about becomeing a life coach, I talked myself out of it many times. I worried that people would judge me or laugh. My inner critic said, “who the heck would ever pay to talk to you?!” But the fire inside me burned brighter as the years passed. And in the end I had no choice. Starting my own business in a new country, without a network and guarantee of success was the second biggest challenge of my life. But I’m happy to report it’s been a heck of a ride but I’m still loving the journey! And that I get to help individuals and businesses every day, to be the best they can be too. And you know what (inner critic), a lot of people pay me and love working with me! 

 Getting outside your comfort zone will ALWAYS feel hard. But so is not doing the thing that you KNOW deep down will NOURISH YOUR SOUL!!  

Wishing you all success with any challenges and the courage to do it anyway if you’re scared. I hope my stories help you on your journey. 

Have a wonderful weekend 

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