Why get outside your Comfort Zone?

Ten years ago I made a brave decision to do something way outside my comfort zone!

Alongside running my coaching and workshop facilitation business and raising two teens, I teach yoga and Pilates (class called Centergy) several times a week.

I really enjoy helping others to enjoy Centergy, and to feel successful every time they come to class. I’ve been teaching for almost 10 years now. I began when my children were small – before I started my own business as a Life Coach and Workshop facilitator.

Thinking back to the very beginning of this journey, when I was first asked if I wanted to train as an instructor, I was terrified! My career before kids had been largely people management. In a suit, with a big paycheck and benefits! So the thought of getting up on stage in yoga pants in front of 50 people and teaching a class was daunting!! But a tiny part of me said a big YES, yes to helping others love the class I loved.

I did my training – and it is an absolute challenge to learn 60 minutes of moves and cues! But I did it! I stayed mostly terrified for the first six months – maybe only I knew that but it wasn’t easy.

I believe now that taking that tiny brave step onto an unknown territory, way beyond my comfort zone, helped me to change my perspective of what I could and couldn’t do.

So if there’s something you enjoy, and someone asks you if you’d like to do more of it, take a chance. Try it out. There’s no doubt that learning to teach on stage (alongside previous people development experience) helped me have the confidence to start me own coaching business. Especially to realise that I do have the confidence to stand in front of 50 people, teach them to train their bodies and minds and help them get the most out of their time with me.

Don’t overthink it, just take a small step and see how you feel. If there’s a pull towards something outside of your comfort zone, it may feel hard – but it’s ALWAYS worth it!

I’d love to support you if you’re at the point of making that decision and would like some strategies, encouragement and objective support.

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