Who is supporting you?

How SUPPORTED do you feel to GROW, and expand in your role AND in your personal life? 

Today I was talking with a client about their network of support. Here’s me with one of my biggest supporters, my just teenage daughter, in one of our favourite places! 

The role of personal support: 

Our personal relationships are so important when it comes to feeling you can step outside your comfort zone, follow your dreams or work out a tricky problem. 

Being seen, heard, valued and respected should be a given in your relationships at home, but also in your professional relationships with your peers and your boss. 

The role of Professional networking: 

I also attend a networking group every month called Chrysalis for Women, and am part of the BNI network in Wellington too. I joined because I am from the UK, and when I started my business back in 2016, I only really know my children’s father’s family, and the few people we met thought the children’s school and activities. 

I now have contacts I’d refer to from both groups, but also a significant number of true friends that I can count on and share my own struggles with. (No one ever said that life coaches don’t have struggles too!). 

I don’t naturally love networking, and have a battle with social anxiety sometimes, but I always feel that my cup is a bit more full after these meetings. The reality is that our struggles bring us the growth we seek. 

Would you love some new strategies, support and accountability? 

One of my specialist subjects is supporting people to feel inspired, to help them grow and develop as professionals and as people. 

So if you’re looking for next level support, message me! I’ve helped hundreds of clients to start new careers, and get that promotion or reignite that inner flame they have been searching for. And to seek professional and personal relationships that ALLOW them to GROW and THRIVE! 

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