Top Tips on Living YOUR Best Life!

Tips I’d give my 30 year old self

Do you ever look back at your life and wonder how you got this far? And in one piece? Sometimes I wish I’d had the wisdom of age and experience back then.

Here are three pieces of advice I’d give my 30 year old self….let go of the SHOULDs, find a MENTOR or Coach to help you demonstrate your true VALUE, don’t be afraid to have HARD CONVERSATIONS with your peers or your Boss.

Let go of the ‘SHOULD’s:

When you’re climbing the corporate ladder, it’s easy to defer to what you feel others expect of you. That’s absolutely acceptable so long as it aligns with who you are and doesn’t push your boundaries. Consistently pushing your boundaries leads to burnout. My 30 year old self (pic) found that out the hard way (I am 55 now).

Find a MENTOR or Coach:

Everyone needs someone who has their backs and their best interests at heart. Sometimes, that’s not your Boss. Most companies have a Personal Development budget which often allows for sessions with a Mentor or Coach. This can assist with managing the day to day frustrations or challenges of a role, or interpersonal issues with peers or a Boss. You may find a Mentor at your place of work too, worth asking! A Professional coach can provide you with additional tools to help you reframe certain situations and tools to overcome any challenges. This can help you look good and give you more confidence before an interview, career change or finding your feet after a recent promotion.


Holding yourself back from having conversations about recurring issues or challenges makes life very stressful. Feeling like you can’t express yourself when you need help, or feeling overwhelmed for FEAR of JUDGEMENT by others is very real in some workplaces. Writing down what you’d like to say before a meeting like this is super helpful, and taking your notes with you. Prepare well, begin the meeting by outlining challenges but be armed with some positive suggestions of how you’d like the situation to change and why. What are the benefits for you and for the team/organisation? Always book some time in the diary with the person you need to chat with, and if you need extra support, ask a coworker to attend with you.

I’d add to that, CELEBRATE YOUR WINS! Even if you make a small step towards your goal today, make that count as a win!

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