Tips to help OVERTHINKING!

As the seasons change, I’m seeing a drive for change, a search for certainty (amongst the uncertainty) and a big upturn in clients who are finding me through a Google search! 

Here’s the thing, deciding to make some changes is very natural – but so is the fear of failure and of what people might think and say if you do! 

OVERTHINKING can lead to catastrophising, impostor syndrome, comparison despair and even anxiety and depression. This video gives a bit more detail on what those issues sound like in our heads.

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In my own experience, action is the key to turning your life around. Action trumps all of the above, and consistent action changes lives.

Seeking external validation is very human. 

But it’s INTERNAL VALIDATION that is really powerful! Learning how to do that can be life-changing. One of my go-to places to get me out of my head and into appreciation is nature, what’s yours? Hugs work too!

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