Is this it? When to reevaluate your life!

Reevaluating your life can feel like coming up for air! 

Feeling trapped in someone else’s life not your own? Overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious? Do you ever wonder, IS THIS IT? Is the life you worked so hard to create really what you want? 

“Hustling for our worthiness”, as Brene Brown calls it. It can become a way of life. It sure as heck did for me in my 30/40s. Maybe the big promotion or the big paycheck number or the big house …we realise this IS NOT IT! Maybe we realise that we aren’t happy, fulfilled and satisfied by this life we worked HARD OUT to create. 

I call this Coming Up For Air! Stopping to reevaluate my life – to really tune in and then fine tune what I WANT. And what I may need to DO DIFFERENTLY is a ritual practice for me. It’s so helpful it’s become one of my core services to my clients.  

In my 30/40s I absolutely bought into doing what was expected, having the fancy title and paycheck in the corporate world. But it didn’t fulfil me. That realisation was chilling. 

So WHAT’s NEXT if what I’ve worked for all these years isn’t it? For me, I decided to have children at that point and take a career break. Yes, big decision and total life shake up having my first child at 40, and second at 42! But so worth it! 

Then I moved from the UK to NZ with my young family and reinvented myself. Sounds simple doesn’t it? 

It took a few years, a big investment in training as a life coach in LA and tons of self-reflection. And working on my own limiting beliefs and hard habits at that time. 

Now in my 50s, I help others refine their lives offering strategies to help perfectionism, impostor syndrome and managing our inner critic. 

Helping people come up for air and take a fresh look at who and where they are. Sometimes refinement is all that’s needed, small changes to make and boy is it worth it!! 

If you’d value some professional help to evaluate where you are and your WHAT NEXT, let’s have a chat. You can call, email or book a meeting with me!

Thank you and please share with anyone you feel would benefit from reading this right now!