Key Benefits of Group Coaching! 

A question I’m often asked is, “Can I work with a life coach on a budget?” The answer is a resounding Yes! 

Group coaching is a great way to gain the same insights and strategies that I share with my personal clients. The difference is, you’d have other people on the video call or in the room with you. So you’d have less of my personal time per hour. This means that you pay a fraction of the cost a personal client would to work with me one on one. 

Key benefits of Group Coaching: 

1. Community! I don’t want anyone to feel they have to do it alone! You’ll be amongst others who share your desire for growth and learning. 

2. Mutual support! You’ll learn from a double-certified Life Coach AND each other! This support happens both in the session and as friends outside of the sessions. 

3. Accountability!! Keeping us in action with achievable tasks to complete before the next session. 

4. When there’s appetite, we meet in person for those local to Wellington.

5. Lower cost of entry. Flexible session times and payment options (Pay by the session or small block of 5). 

Share or not! 

It’s our group so we can all make suggestions for content we’d like to add into the mix. If you’re an introvert and don’t want to share or contribute and prefer to listen, you can! 

What we cover: 

Weekly, we will cover one of the top 5 challenges my personal one on one clients face; 

– Perfectionism (pushing yourself too hard and beating yourself up when you don’t meet unrealistic standards).

– Procrastination (doing everything but the important thing you’re putting off!) 

– Overthinking (getting stuck on your head and not in ACTION!) 

– Self-doubt/impostor syndrome (not believing you’re good enough or smart enough and that you’ll get found out).

– Comparison despair (caring too much about what others think and are saying about you, fear of failure).  

How it works: 

During each online session, we have some coaching content (my own story and experiences, strategies I’ve used and that have helped my personal clients). Then we open up discussion and there’s an opportunity to share experiences, observations and suggestions around the content. 

The overarching benefit of a coaching group is that everyone benefits from a sense of community and mutual support. You’ll be tapped into the generative aspect of adding your voice into the mix and sharing views and thoughts with others. Make and strengthen connections each week, even invite a friend so you can start together.   

Knowing “it’s not just you” is my wish for anyone out there who feels alone right now. And would love a way that they could benefit from an enriching but affordable group coaching experience. 

If you’d like to know more, please message me or join me for an informal lunchtime coaching session, hear about it my story and why group coaching could work for you this Thursday 26th October, 12.30: