Is there more to life than this? Find your meaningful contribution…

What’s missing?

After many years working in the corporate world I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. Whatever it was had me searching for more money, more responsibility, more love, boots and handbags, vodka….you name it I tried it. But the ‘gap’ that I was trying to fill didn’t get smaller. Despite a great job, fabulous team of people, great co-workers and an impressive salary. Does this resonate with you or sound familiar? What was I searching for? A sense of genuine contribution. How could I contribute more in ways that felt meaningful to me? Fulfilling my desire to problem solve and help people at the same time.

Trying to ‘fill’ the gap!

In my forties I became Mother, emigrated to New Zealand, became a Life Coach, Business Owner and Speaker. Wham Bam Thank You Mam what a decade. I learnt so much about myself and I also started to fill in the gaps in my life. The lesson for me was that it’s never too late to begin a new chapter. To try new things, follow your intuition and be guided by your inner sense of what inherently ‘right’ for you as a person. Not by what others may say, or what you may feel you ‘should’ do or to try and please everyone – which in itself is a thankless task right?

Pregnant and forty

How did I hone in on my ‘gaps’. The coaching and development aspect of my management roles was the most empowering and enlightening for me, I almost felt like I was born to do it. Almost. I remember attending a residential management course in Northern England and one exercise was to visualize being the happiest and most secure you could imagine. I saw myself with my own children. More than that I felt a sense of genuine contribution and pride in that moment. This was quite a revelation to me as up to age 38 I ‘knew’ with 100% certainty that I didn’t want to have children. At least my rational mind thought as much!  My realization was that I needed and wanted to give life. To share life.  Create some little people to love, nurture and help grow into strong independent young souls ready for their own lives. Contributing part of myself and my skills to help my own children, not just my clients to flourish felt more meaningful to me.

Volunteering to help others:

Alongside working as a Life and Success coach for professional people and organizations Internationally, I volunteer my services to help organizations who may benefit from my skills. One of  my recent successes was presenting to 16/17/18 year olds at Tawa College. This was part of their Health and Wellness Conference. Donating my time and helping young people to identify a path they wish to explore – or to find their own passion or purpose has been very rewarding. Why? In some way, it helps fill a gap I had in my late teens when I really didn’t know what I wanted to be, do have or give in the world.

Coaching as a business and a lifestyle

Dedicating my time and talents to a young family was very rewarding, if exhausting at forty! But, I still felt a yearning for more. Some may say I was asking for too much. Sometimes I felt that too. I had a desire to run my own business – despite fear and lack of many skills my desire to contribute more was stronger than my fear and my self-doubt.

I took small steps in my thinking then a big leap of faith when I invested my life-savings training to be a Life Coach. Running my own business part-time around my family, makes me happier than I ever dreamed possible. Helping others find their own contribution has become another way I contribute. Enabling others to sketch out a future life plan still lights me up every day. Getting to celebrate every client success and watch them overcoming challenges in new ways fulfills me and leaves me with a huge sense of contribution to the lives of others.

Charitable contributions to causes that matter

Now that I do run my own business, I get to choose how and where I spend my money which feels very liberating. I contribute 10% of a new clients investment to a charity of their choice, or mine every time. And love that this makes a small positive difference to the causes I support.

Free advice and services – my contribution to you and your place of work

I hope that sharing my journey and how I filled in some of my gaps may help some of you to do the same – or identify your own. Maybe you or someone you know is searching for a way to offer more, to contribute more in ways that feel meaningful to them. If you’re curious, lets chat I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to help people do just that. I also offer a FREE lunch and learn session to businesses. If you are looking to engage more in Workplace Wellness I’d be happy to discuss your needs.

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