Invest in a Coach AND save time & money!

Do what you love and save time and money

How to invest in a Coach AND save time & money!

Have you ever thought to yourself, I’d LOVE to work with a coach BUT….I can’t afford the time or the money? Shifting your mindset may be easier than you imagine. So if you believe you can’t afford either the time or the money let me share some of my tips on how to invest in a Coach AND save time & money!

“A personal coach is too expensive!”

So maybe you think that investing in a personal coach may be too expensive? The thinking behind this, largely subconsciously is, I don’t believe I’m worthy of this investment. Or people like me don’t work with a coach (that’s a whole other blog in itself!). Let me ask you this, what would happen if you broke a tooth, or needed a new radiator in your car? You’d find the money. So why is it that when we are asked to invest in our own success or development that sometimes it feels like there’s a block? This may be down to our self limiting beliefs – dragging our self esteem down so that we feel that we don’t deserve it. It could be that we are out of the habit of saying YES to ourselves because we are always saying YES to everyone else! Can you relate?
So are my personal or business coaching sessions expensive? As a single parent myself, I pride my self on the VALUE I provide to my clients …whilst keeping my courses and accountability sessions AFFORDABLE. What you consider to be affordable is of course a very personal decision. But you may be surprised by just how how much value you can benefit from for a relatively low investment.

Who loves making a saving for buying in ‘bulk’?

Well if you book 5, 10 or more accountability sessions with me you get rewarded with a saving which brings the cost per session down. One of my clients is on session 30! As she achieves her goals we set new ones! Everyone could do with someone on their side – with strategies and support to help us over life or business challenges. I often hear my from clients that its comforting to know I have their back to keep them on track. I work flexibly – plus I care about all my clients well-being! So they can call me outside of regular session times if they need extra support …or to share a win too.

How about a coaching group?

Many of my clients find working as part of a small group is an excellent way to benefit from the same content as I use with personal clients for a considerably lower investment. The other benefit is that you learn from the experiences and support of the group members who, like you, love personal development and have some BIG LIFE GOALS they want to achieve.

Self-serve online coaching courses

You benefit from the same content (on video and as downloadable resources) as my personal clients but you fit the work in when it suits your schedule. So you get to spend time with me one-on-one (just not in person) whilst you complete the course. Then we spend an hour together at the end of the course (on video call or in person depending on where you are) to shape your action plan for the next six months. Self-paced learning courses are super cost effective AND if you feel you need it you can always add on extra a personal session. If you’d like to learn more about my new Six Steps To Self-Belief online course, please use this link:  
So investing in a coach really can save you time, you can do this course from your phone on your commute or in another wee pocket of time that you have in between other things!

Do I offer a payment plan?

YES! I often offer to split the overall investment so that my course participants can get started as soon as possible – so we work with a deposit and then monthly payments. So investing in a coach really can be accessible, affordable and can save you money!

“I am so busy that I can’t spare the time I’d need to get real progress and traction in my life? “

So you think that you can’t spare the time to invest in yourself or your business? The self-paced learning option is designed specifically for busy professionals who want more from life but find it hard to commit to the same time slot every week. Does this sound like you? As mentioned above, my newest online course, Six Steps To Self-belief may suit you perfectly as you can pick it up whenever you get the time.
I work like this every day – I fit in much of my work around my kids as and when it works for our schedules. I’m actually writing this at the gym in between watching my daughter do back handsprings and my son on the trampoline!

Managing your busy-ness better!

What if spending time learning new skills could help you manage your time more effectively? And eventually save you time or help you gain larger pockets of time in your day?
New strategies for time and priority management can be super effective. And an objective view on your life can really help you gain some clarity on whether you are spending your valuable time on the right things – the things that really matter to you and your loved ones ….or that are earning you the money to enjoy more quality time with them.

Personalized session plan designed to suit your life

Another service I offer for busy people is a personalized session plan to suit your busy schedule from wherever you are in the world! We would agree your goals and set a timeline in session 1 then agree on whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions would best for you.
I work internationally with clients across the globe and we hook up on video call whenever suits both of us. Ok it means working out  time zones (which I am crap at) but there are tools to help us do that! And there’s always world clock on your iPhone!

You still feel like its a big ask…..What’s the impact of staying exactly the same?

Lets say you’ve read this far and still feel that you can’t spare the time to work on yourself or your life or business goals. So here’s a question for you. How will your life change if you don’t invest time in doing things differently? If it was easy we’d all be living our dreams. Its not easy but believe me  its worth it.
If you’re curious about how to invest in a coach AND save time & money I’d recommend we chat. Invest half an hour of your time in a personal chat with me about your life and business goals and lets see if we both feel we would work well together! Book your session here:
I look forward to hearing from you!