Intelligence for Leaders and better lives! 

There’s so much uncertainty and fear out there right now. It’s a time to tune up our skills so we can better suppprt ourselves and our people. 

I LOVED delivering my Emotional Intelligence Masterclass today, for the Early Childhood council. This was on the back of the Teambuilding and Leadership in person workshop I delivered at the national conference back on July 23. 

Online or conference workshops are a great way to reach a National or International membership easily. 

Emotional intelligence is a term first used back in 1990. 
Psychologist Daniel Goldman famously popularised it, and made it more accessible to people and leaders. 

Today we went in deep on: 

  •  Key components of EI for leaders 
  • Identifying our inner coach and managing our inner critic
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and developing empowering antidotes. 
  • Big picture thinking – and the importance and challenges of speaking up. 
  • How we can increase our influence 
  •  The importance of authenticity. 

Leaders, if you or your team or organisation would benefit from some expert coaching one on one, or an online workshop (this one was two hours), please book a no obligation conversation here.

Thank you and ka pai to everyone out there doing the best they can!