If you stop struggling you’ll float!

We all have LONGINGS and DISCONTENT at some point in our lives. I lived for a good part of a decade in the longing and discontent world, thinking that was it and I’d never steer back into less troubled waters. The good news is that these two emotional states are our growth signals! Think about the spectrum of emotions we can drift or fly into each day. The negative spectrum includes frustration, disappointment, resentment, anger, sadness, emptiness….the list is a long one. If you consistently experience negative emotions relating to a key area in life such as: your work (or lack of it), your relationships, time or money freedom or health you may like to read on!

Try this if you have a moment, think about what creates a sense of longing or discontent then think what the opposite would be – and how would that feel? So if you long for a better connection with your partner imagine how you’d feel if you were in a harmonious relationship with great communication and a sense of love, security and an insanely good physical connection. How did that feel?

Keeping a soft focus on what we’d love, regardless of challenging circumstances and conditions, helps our awareness zone in on the opportunities and possibilities that were actually there all the time, we just didn’t notice. It’s like looking up and seeing the sky rather than down at your feet. If you watch your feet you may predict that your next step will be the same as your last one, and feel like life is just ‘same old same old’.  But if you look up, you may feel the sun on your face or catch a great view or see a friend you haven’t seen for ages.

Create a picture of what you’d love in your mind and if you’re not visual, write down what you’d love or just try and feel it inside you. Bring your picture or vision to mind when you’re feeling any of those negative emotions. I promise you it helps. If you’re struggling to know what you’d love don’t worry – many of my clients felt the same way, and what they found was that the more familiar they got with these principles the more good they allowed back into their lives. I also ask great questions which helps to draw out the answers from deep inside you – it’s called evocative coaching and it really means helping you answer your own questions with a level of support, accountability and encouragement.

Knowing what you want and getting emotionally invested in it helps create a feeling of buoyancy, of more freedom and space to be who you are without too much concern about what others may think or say.  Generating a state of harmony and feeling like you’re living in alignment and showing up as your best self really is, in my view, the closest thing to flying through your days with your head held high and a smile. In my experience (and this is backed up by the client testimonials you can read on this website) achieving a sense of certainly about who you are and what you’d love is hugely empowering – not only that but all manner of positive things seem to come to pass to make your life better one you start truly appreciating who you are and what you have.

So if you’d prefer to live in the positive spectrum of emotions – more of the time, let’s talk! I’m offering 10 free 1 hour consultations (that’s double the length of my regular free consults) in March to help anyone who is struggling and would prefer to float! If you or someone you know would benefit, please use the contact me button on my website or email me on vicky.renouf@outlook.com and I’ll be in touch to book your slot!

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