How to Self-Promote like a Pro! 

This month I’m promoting a new Group coaching course, Self Promotion Mastery.

It’s designed for people who find self promotion cringey! And find it hard to show up authentically and consistently for themselves and their businesses. 

Are you struggling to SHOW UP for your business? Agonising for hours about to right words and pictures for your promotions?? 


Many of us ARE our businesses. One-person shows or small teams. If you’re feeling the downturn in the economy and know you need to promote yourself more BUT FIND IT CRINGEY…. Read on! 

Showing up for yourself and promoting yourself consistently can feel overwhelming – and exhausting!! But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Let me walk you through my strategies for Self Promo success… 

Launching last week of July, (waitlist for August) this group coaching course will help you: 

👏🏼 Gain more confidence and self esteem to allow you to self promote better! 

💡Learn strategies that help you create a dialogue with your inner critic – not just give in to it. 

🌱 Create a plan for the six week course and deliver something (even one post) per week.

🙌🏻 Have accountability partners (in myself) and also in the group. 

😊 Be happy with who you are delivering your content your way, authentically! 

👏🏼 Prove to yourself that you can be consistent – and successful and gain traction over the 6 week duration

⭐️ Show up for yourself and your business and reach a wider audience.

💡 Engage with current and existing clients more authentically to encourage repeat business – and keep you top of mind! 

😳 Change the stories you tell yourself about why you can’t self promote!! 

😇 Create new stories reinforcing why you need to do this – especially in the current climate!

😁 Work with a small group of people who share your struggles and want to see you succeed. Groups are limited to a maximum of 5 so that you can get to know your fellow group members and support each other. 

What do you have to lose? Apart from that cringy feeling that you can’t do this so you’ve given up!!!? 

Let me walk you through this six-week program, step by step, and give you the strategies, encouragement and support you need to shine like the true professional you are. To find an approach you can replicate week in and week out, as I do, to engage authentically in a way that feels right for you! 

Action is the best first step to success!! 

I have 3 SPACES left for the JULY INTAKE!! Message me or book a chat to see if this feels right for you.