How to rewrite your own story

We all love HAPPY endings. Here’s the story of how I found mine. And why every day, I get to work with people who are seeking to find their happy endings. Professionally, personally and even emotionally.

I began my journey as a life coach back in 2016, after twenty years experience in the corporate world. I needed a happy ending. I needed more than that life gave me. More than the money, the perks and the title. I needed to make more of a contribution. I needed to find my life’s work. To connect with my innately creative, ingenious problem solving self. AND to serve others and help them to create their happy own endings.

People who loved me, and were scared that I was making a mistake, tried to stop me. I did it anyway.

Committing to delivering two events every week was my first promise to my new life. Imagining that no one would ever pay to hear my advice was definitely top of mind! I was plagued by self doubt and my inner critic had a field day trying to get me to forget the whole thing as a bad idea and go back to my old life. Having the courage to continue DESPITE your inner critic is one of the things I had to master. And now I help others to do the same.

I’ve made it as a solopreneur through a divorce, the covid years and now a recession. There is always a way that your dream life can reveal itself. And if you are consistent, courageous and take actions towards the life you want, your happy ending may be out there for you too.

My wish for anyone who needs a happy ending is to find the courage to follow your heart, listen to your head and keep going, no matter what. Believe me, it will be worth it!

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