Blog Series From Self-Doubt To Self-Belief, Part Two: How to Create A Growth Mindset

Welcome to the second blog in my six week series designed to help Professional people Move From Self-Doubt to Self-Belief and Reclaim their Power! This week focuses on being open to a life you’d love more. In short, creating a growth mindset and more positive outlook regardless of your circumstances.

Why Do We Need A Growth Mindset?

So why do we need to CREATE more openness to GROWTH? Sometimes when we step forwards our paradigms (old habitual thinking patterns), try to pull us back. They will tell us that, “we may fail, we may get hurt or humiliated, we may regret taking that risk”. Our internal radar or fight or flight systems are hard wired to keep us safe, to protect us from harm. As are some of the people we trust and rely on to encourage us. Has anyone ever dissuaded you from doing something you felt was absolutely right for you? Or did you scare yourself into a retreat instead of walking towards your fear? Me too. Sometimes our natural focus moves to what may go wrong, instead of what will go right.

How Was Your Mindset Audit?

Last week I asked you to write down where your longings and discontent showed up right now, in the four quadrants of life; your health, relationships, time/money freedom and vocation. How did it go? Confronting isn’t it to see the frustrations or resentments in our lives on paper? The thing is, a realization of where you are now is a crucial first step to moving into a life you would love more. It’s also very common to be drawn into a mindset of, “I can’t because”, I talk about this a lot at my workshops. As we said last week, sometimes we are held back by our upbringing or sometimes we are simply don’t believe we can change. 

Create A More Optimistic Perspective

Sometimes deciding to try and see things more positively, or from a more optimistic perspective really helps. Its a start right? As someone who struggled for many years with anxiety, depression and chronic self-doubt, it irritated me when people told me to ‘cheer up’ or ‘look on the bright side’. But I have learned strategies that helped me over the years. And I now teach my clients to use the same strategies. I am happy to share some of these with you now.

Lets take one of my examples from last week, in the category of vocation. So I struggled to feel satisfied and happy in my corporate job because I felt that I wasn’t making a meaningful contribution. With hindsight, I guarantee that there were possibilities and opportunities for me to contribute at that time. Either by taking some different actions in that role or by looking for new opportunities elsewhere. You may feel (as I did) that you need circumstances to change before you can feel more empowered, and to grow a more optimistic mindset. The truth is, everything starts with your thoughts and your decisions. So you can DECIDE to see a more optimistic version of your reality, or not.

Change Your Mindset

Here’s a phrase that helps me and my clients when we feel challenged by situations or circumstances that aren’t looking positive. Ask yourself the question, “But what if I could….feel that I’m making a contribution whilst in my well paid corporate job”. How would that feel? Pretty good right? So yes, there are some actions that we need to take in order to change our mindset and our results but its absolutely possible for all of us!

‘But What If I Could’ Real-life Example

Here’s a quick story about one of my Dreambuilder clients. Lets call her Sue, who wanted to go on a training course in Brisbane but didn’t think she could afford it. She kept telling herself reasons why she couldn’t  go on the trip. But part of her KNEW that her path to growth included doing this training.

One day after a call with me she said to herself, “but what if I could?” She picked up the phone and called the training company to ask them if they had any other courses like that one coming up later in the year. Sue spoke about her passion for the company and the products and how excited she was about working with them. She said she’d love to do the training this time but she just couldn’t afford the course fees and plane ticket.

Yes You Can!

The lady who took her call was so impressed she went and spoke to her manager. She came back to my client with this: “we have one space left on this course. We’re so impressed by your passion and willingness to fly from New Zealand to do the course that we’d like to give you a place fro FREE. All you need to cover is your travel.” So by welcoming a Mindset of Possibility, she had moved from ‘I can’t because’ to ‘But what if I could?’ and her circumstances changed – the universe aligned to make her wish come true! And as I’ve said many times, if she can so can you!

Are You Ready To Increase Your Self-Belief?

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