Goal setting for 2024 – what’s holding you back? 

Setting yourself up for success on 2024! 

“INSPIRATION without ACTION is merely ENTERTAINMENT!” There’s a lot of talk about goals at this time of year. My question is what’s stopping you from achieving them? 

As a double-certified, experienced life coach in her fifties, I’m all about helping people set themselves up for success. 

But what’s equally interesting to me is that pause, that plateau, after you set your goals … where nothing happens. My question to anyone in that position is, do you know exactly what’s holding you back?

There are  super common obstacles to achieving your goals: 

 Perfectionism: if I can’t see all the steps – specifically the HOW – I just can’t start!!

 Procrastination: I absolutely know what I have to do. But will distract myself with just about anything or make excuses to put off doing that thing! 

 What will people say: if I try and fail, if I just can’t do it, if I’m not good enough? 

Many other significant factors can hold you back from appreciating or achieving your innate potential. 

If you know you’d love some extra support and encouragement, plus new strategies to help you do exactly what you want to in 2024 (and more!), let’s talk! 

I’ve lived with all of the issues above – and moved through them myself. My business is built around ensuring the success of others. If you’re looking for some objective support to help you into ACTION and to support you as you ACHIEVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO THIS YEAR, let’s talk. 

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Wishing you every success!! 


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