Feeling Stuck? Your struggle may help you!

Struggle is part of growth

Feeling ‘Stuck’?

Knowing where to start, in the midst of a pandemic, left me feeling stuck. But here’s the thing, if I am feeling stuck, likely some of you are too so lets dig a bit deeper into how our struggles actually ‘serve’ us!

Dissatisfied, Uncertain and Frustrated?

Feeling stuck can leave us feeling dissatisfied, uncertain, frustrated and even angry. I’ve seen a lot of these emotions flying around in my personal clients, and businesses I work with as we all navigate through a world with Covid in it. I got interested in how we move from feeling stuck into a period of struggle and came across a fable that you may find illuminating.

A Story About Struggle

“A woman was in her garden and came across a chrysalis, she picked it up to observe it and then placed it on her window sill. The next time she looked there was a small hole at one end of the chrysalis and she could see the butterfly’s limbs struggling to release itself from its cocoon. She was distressed by the struggle but she knew that letting nature take its course was the thing to do. Then it stopped moving.

She became concerned and decided that she had to ‘save’ the struggling creature. So she very carefully snipped open its cocoon to release it. A disheveled butterfly with a round body and shriveled wings emerged. She felt relief but noticed it didn’t look quite as she’d have expected. She thought it would come right on its own….but it never did.”

Struggle Can Help Us Come Unstuck

The reason the butterfly didn’t look right is because IT NEEDS to struggle to move the fluid from its rounded body into its wings so that they can fully unfurl.  The woman truly believed she was helping the butterfly but in fact, she should have let nature take its course – along with the struggle that this creates. Sometimes being in that place where we feel stuck is acutally right where we need to be. Untill we allow our wings to unfurl.

Getting Stuck In Your Struggle

If you’ve struggled for more time than is comfortable – or feel that some extra support, strategies and accountability may help you to move forward in your personal or professional life, talk to me. I’ve been there myself and have helped many of my clients to do things they never ever thought possible! Despite the struggles that walk alonside us on our path to growth!

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My WHY is to help people move beyond their struggles and to achieve things they never dreamed were possible for them. Here’s a recent testimonial:

“Vicky has shown me how to focus my mind and not limit my thinking, it takes practice and guidance but once I started working with Vicky that’s when the magic happened. I’m living proof dreams come true!” JG, Christchurch.

I spealialise in helping professional people who struggle with anxiety, self doubt and perfectionism and help them to be kinder to themselves, and to create lives they love even more. If you’d love some help to disentangle yourself from your struggles and stop feeling stuck, book yourself in for a FREE 30 minute chat here: https://vickyevans.com/online-booking/

Thank you taking the time to read this blog, I truly appreciate your interest.