Make the end of 2021 a SPRINT FINISH!

Create a sprint finish for 2021!

Tough year? Finish the year feeling like you’ve sprinted to the finish line!

Are you wondering, what the heck happened to 2021?

Many of us started the year with goals we wanted to achieve, but it’s been such a stop-start year, with covid lockdowns, cancelled events and continued border closures – we probably haven’t done any of them!

The ‘covid-downer’ (yes, it’s a thing!) has affected us all. Whether we feel powerless or overwhelmed, it’s much easier to stay in our comfort zone, on the couch, watching Netflix, drinking wine and guzzling biscuits. If we are suffering from financial or emotional strain we switch into survival mode, stay put, and find it an effort to keep going. In these uncertain times, we lack the energy to motivate ourselves or strive for things because we don’t know what could be around the corner.

We can choose to become a victim of these circumstances, or we can move forward with what we’ve got! Wouldn’t it feel better to get to the end of the year feeling like you’ve achieved something? Even if it is something small?

The good news is there are still six weeks until the end of the year which is plenty of time to tick something off your list or feel like you’ve achieved something!

If you’ve got a few minutes, I’ll take you through a couple of steps that you can take to get you off the couch and closer to the finish line …

Step 1 – Do a warrant of fitness (WOF)

Firstly, you need to check in with yourself. Ask yourself, how do I feel emotionally, professionally, and physically? Am I tired, overwhelmed, or lacking in energy?

Then think about the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year. What did you plan? What have you achieved? Has lockdown resulted in many of these plans going on hold? If there are things you didn’t achieve, write them down and park them. Parking a goal doesn’t mean it’s a ‘not ever’ – just a ‘not possible now’. That’s often reassuring!

Step 2 – Set your six-week goals

Now you need to think about what you can realistically achieve before the end of the year. Ask yourself, what steps can you take in your health, personal and professional life over the next six weeks? This step is about re-engaging your enthusiasm and thinking about the outcomes you want to achieve.

Anything you can’t do (e.g., travel) goes into the ‘park it’ pile. Think about what’s realistic in six weeks and put it into categories. Weight loss? Update CV? Are you going to do it this year, or next year? It’s not now or never!

Give something a go and see how far you get. Could you finish that course you started? Maybe your goal could be to do something social once a week. Did you want to get back in the dating game or start looking at new jobs? Practice being who you want to be in 2022? What steps can you take to move forward? Find something to get you moving again!

Need help getting to the finish line?

If you really want to do this, but feel you can’t do it alone, consider working with a personal coach to help you.

Just like a sports coach, a personal coach will give you a personal strategy, more encouragement, and structured support. Not only that but a coach will help you identify what it is that is holding you back. E.g., grief, imposter syndrome, overwhelm etc. and get you to the finish line.

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