Blog Series part 6: Six Steps To Self-Belief, Staying Motivated and Taking Action!

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Learn How To Stay Motivated and Take Action!

Hi, I’m Vicky, and I help Professional people like you stay motivated and take actions – even when it feels hard! Welcome to week six in my blog series, “Six Steps To Self-Belief. Reclaim Your Power!’. One of the most common issues I find facing people who are trying to ‘step up’ in their lives is motivation. And how this impacts their ability to keep taking progressive actions. Especially when it feels hard.

You Are More Powerful Than You Think!

Let’s begin by reaffirming that statement, ‘you are more powerful than you think’ we all are! Whether we FEEL it or not. Henry Ford famously said, ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re always right!” Our thoughts literally become our feelings which dictate our actions which become our results. So if up until now, you have experienced results that you aren’t lighting you up, we need to work on those thoughts that become things!

Focus On What’s Going Right….

Have you ever noticed that us humans have a tendency to focus on what we don’t want or don’t have? Even in terms of performance reviews at work, we are more likely to take notice of the one ‘fault’ or ‘piece of constructive criticism’ we received. More than the plethora of more positive words or praise we received at that time. Does that sound familiar? The one negative thing can tend to become bigger than the number of positives – it can even haunt us and make us feel like we failed.

Re-live A Success

What else helps us to feel motivated? Think back to a moment when your felt truly proud of yourself. Some of you may have written a List of Successes from my previous blog. Can you relive the feelings you had, have you committed them to memory so that you can call them up when you need a boost? If not write or re-read your list and try to do that. It’s like having an energy pack in the back of your mind that you can switch on when you need it.

It’s said that, early in his career, Winston Churchill was struggling as a politician and the papers were predicting his downfall due to one poorly conceived decision. One journalist in the Times could see Winston’s potential, and wrote a small article about how he was destined for great things. Winston kept that article in his pocket for YEARS! By the end of his career it was dog eared and taped together. But he kept it because for him it showed SOMEONE believed in him and that helped him believe in himself.

So pick your favorite success, write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet or phone case. Let it be your POWER PACK when you need a boost – the piece of paper is immaterial but the feeling of pride and accomplishment is the real gift of this exercise.

Take Action!

So what else can help you to feel motivated when life feels hard? My mentor Mary Morrissey has a catch phrase, Inspiration without ACTION is merely ENTERTAINMENT! ACTIONS speak louder…..taking actions can actually help you feel better – even when the thought of taking those actions is completely scary! Even taking a small step can reduce the (seeming) enormity or a task ahead of you. So lets think about what you’d love to achieve in your life. This is your vision. Is there ANYTHING that you can write down as an action that will take you forwards towards your vision or dream-life.

Write A Vision Statement

Writing a Vision statement – a statement of intent is a trick I use with my clients. Its a succinct statement about what you want to achieve. For example, if you are single but want to be in a deeply connected relationship and to have children, a vision statement might be: I am in a loving connected relationship. We are planning a family in 2023.

Drill Down Into Action

Then think about the actions you might need to take in order to achieve your vision statement. So for the example about, your action statements might read:

  1. Sign up for on-line dating and write my profile.
  2. Attend social functions once a month and enjoy meeting friends of friends.
  3. Join a gym and am enjoying feeling fitter and more active.
  4. Eat well and respect my body. I feel ready to meet my future partner.
  5. Actively engage in contacting people on my dating site and making plans to meet the people I feel connected to.

Or Start Small

So some of those are big actions, but you if you want big changes big actions are needed. If your ambitions are in any area of your life maybe start with something smaller like, smile more and make eye contact! Or if you want to meet more people, get a business card and attend more for networking events. Book a test drive in that car you’d love to own. Just remember this – if you reach for the MOON you might just catch a handful of stars….nothing is beyond you!

Six Steps To Self-belief Course Launching Soon!

I hope you have enjoyed reading the Six Steps in six weeks blog series. I’ve enjoyed your company! If any of the content you have read resonates with you and you feel ready to take some action towards creating a life filled with more Self belief then read on! My NEW online course, Six Steps to Self belief (launching late October 19) will build on the great work you have done so far. I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step using my own examples to help you articulate yours.

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To your Success!