Blog Series Part 5: Six Steps To Self Belief, Creating A Vision For The Life You’d Love To Live!

Blog Series Part Five: Creating A Life You’d Love To Live!

Hi, I’m Vicky, and I help Professional people like you create a life they LOVE to Live! Welcome to week five in my blog series, “Six Steps To Self-Belief. Reclaim Your Power!’. One of the first steps I teach my clients is to help them develop an emotionally charged vision their lives. This is NOT a blog about creating a Vision board – that’s useful too but a written vision is what we are here to begin to master! So lets explore that a little more.

Pinpoint Your ‘Life’ Priorities

Ask yourself what would you LOVE to create – to BE, DO, HAVE and GIVE in these four areas of life: Health, Relationships, Time/Money Freedom and Vocation. What is most important to you right at this moment? To start with lets just pick one category – the one that causes you the most longing and discontent. Grab a pen and paper and write the category as a heading at the top. Then try adding bullet points for the areas you’d like to see change. Give it a try and then we will build on what you have. Its a bit like writing a ‘To Do’ list for your future – but great to start a plan right?! Taking inspired actions is what changes our results….!

Create A Vision For A Life You’d Love To Live!

Now you have a list of bullets as a starting point for describing the life you’d love to create. The next step is to write a sentence or two for each bullet. To describe that aspect of your life. This starts to create more of a connection with the life we are describing. Try it, you’ll see.

Next we need to ramp up the emotional intensity of the vision so that we can begin to visualize it. Let’s start with what makes us human….we are all blessed with the body we are in, our intellect and personalities yes. But we are also designed to interact with our environment through our senses, sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. In order to intensify our connection with what we want to create for ourselves, it helps to add a layer of sensory information.

See, Hear, Touch, Smell and Taste It!

Here are some of my own examples, in Time/money freedom category, one of my passions and something I longed for more of in my life was travel. So  ‘travel’ was a bullet point. To add more of an emotional charge to this desire, I could write something like, “I can see myself in Tuscany, Italy outside the Uffizi in the heart of Florence eating a fabulous gelato.” Clearly that uses some of my visual senses and perhaps hints at taste.

How can I add more detail to that…. “ I can see myself in Tuscany, Italy outside the Uffizi art museum. I’m buzzing with excitement and can’t wait to get inside and witness the artistic mastery of ages gone by. I’m eating a blood orange sorbet which makes my tongue tingle and helps me cool down. I can feel a trickle of sweat running down my back – its 38 degrees but absolutely beautiful here. The noise of the other people around me, bustling and busy, all excited and a bit impatient to get inside where its cool”. So you get the difference, elaborating on your idea using the messages your senses are able to give you makes a vision much more compelling. In fact, you could almost be there right?

Creating A Bigger Bolder Vision For A Life You’d Love

Creating visions is something that my DreamBuilder Clients really thrive on. The most compelling visions tend to be the ones that do make it into reality. So it’s worth investing some time in yours! I have a written an annual vision since before I became a Life Coach. Checking in with where I am on it every month helps keep me accountable – and I update it about every six months. My partner and also have a joint vision – we worked on this together and that stretches out for 3-5 years. We check in with our goals every six months too and adjust them to suit our lifestyles. There’s so much to learn about creating a life you’d love to live. Its SUCH a POWERFUL trans-formative process.

Describe a Life You’d Love To Live in Detail…

To sum up, overlaying a layer of emotion and detail to your bullet points may help you FEEL your vision more clearly. Which in turn helps you to connect with the you who is actually living that life. If you’d enjoyed bullet pointing your priorities and beginning to sketch out a vision for the life you’d love to create, join me for an in-depth masterclass on how to perfect your vision so that it feel like, and can become part of your reality.

My NEW online course, Six Steps to Self belief will build on the great work you have done so far. I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step using my own examples to help you articulate yours. You can also book a 1 hour personal session with me to review and build on what you have done today. Just use the ‘Book A Session’ button here: or use the book a session button to arrange a chat here: to connect direct to my calendar.

To your Success!