Blog Series Part 4: Six Steps To Self Belief, Reclaim Your Power! You Deserve Empowerment and Success!

Blog Series Part Four: You Deserve Empowerment And Success In Your Life!

Welcome to part four of my Blog Series, From Self Doubt to Self Belief, Reclaim Your Power! I’m Vicky, and I help Professional people like you experience more empowerment and a increased sense of deserving. This generates even more success in our lives!

Would You Love More Freedom and Power?

Oxford English dictionary defines empowerment as: “the process of gaining freedom and power to do what you want or to control what happens to you.” So the more empowered we feel, the greater FREEDOM and power we have in controlling our lives,actions and results. Imagine attaining that level of empowerment just for a moment. How cool would that be?

What If That Feels Hard?

It can and sometimes does feel hard. A lot depends on your starting position, but it is possible to move towards feeling more empowered and deserving. Overcoming the self-doubt that stops us from acting with freedom and embracing new challenges can and does change peoples lives. I want to HELP you to embrace the idea that you DESERVE to feel empowered and SUCCESSFUL!

Thoughts Become Things

Have you heard the quote, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re always right?” A lot of what I teach is based on the principle that your ‘thoughts become things’. Essentially your thoughts create feelings which create action (or inaction) with creates results. Your results, right now are linked to the way you think about and talk to yourself in your head – or out loud. So my first question is, are you happy with your results in your life right now?

Clearly not entirely or you wouldn’t be reading this. But just think for a moment about that premise. That your thoughts actually do CREATE aspects of your reality and are INSTRUMENTAL in the way you feel about BEING you. I know mine are!

You Can Change Your Thoughts!

So it follows that training ourselves to think differently can and does change our results. And I KNOW that the steps you are learning now can help you to CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS and historic thinking patterns to create DIFFERENT results. That’s pretty exciting isn’t it? You’re in control, you can choose your thoughts and to replace a not so kind thought with a better one when it comes up. Maybe it will take some practice, I can attest to that, but its possible! And being kinder to yourself helps you to have more self-respect and in turn to feel more empowered. Does that make sense?

Strategy For Success

Here’s a strategy that helps my clients overcome their negative bias. When was the last time you thought about your past and current successes? It’s a really powerful technique for connecting the part of you that knows how successful you can be and ARE right now. Sometimes we just need to remember those successes and really FEEL how GOOD we felt when we experienced them.  I’d like you to spend some time thinking back and identifying on your successes – past and present.

Generate Even More Success In Your Life!

Many of my clients are surprised by just how many successes they have had when they do this. Think back to the first time you felt proud of yourself, or a sense of accomplishment and write a list, moving forward through time to present date. Your successes could be academic, a promotion at work, having a baby, getting married, a sporting achievement or even an experience you dreamed of and made happen.

Your list will of course be personal to you, but here are some of mine: my first memory of success – of feeling joyful and excited about learning something new was the first time I rode a bike back in the UK in a back lane behind my parents’ house. Think Coronation Street. I had trainer wheels on and my Dad was running behind me holding the bike seat – or at least I thought he was! I turned around to tell him to let go, and he was miles away by the back gate. I’d been riding by myself! I was thrilled and he clapped his hands and whopped and we were just so happy to have shared that experience. I must have been around 7 but I still remember it clear as day.

Experience The Joy Of Success

What else came up for me? The usual suspects, getting my degree and Masters, my first job, my current house, having my children, and then more prominently overseas adventure, qualifying as a Life Coach and starting a new chapter of life and love at 50 all feature on my list.

If this exercise feels challenging, list the easy ones first, getting my first job, or passing my exams, wherever you are in life the MOST important thing is that you felt GOOD about it. It could be your first kiss, or getting your pet after years of wanting one. Everyone is different and your list will be as unique as you are. Enjoy thinking about it and maybe keep a note book in your bag of pocket so you can jot things down as they occur to you over the next few days.

Share Your Successes

I’d like to give you the opportunity to share your life of successes with the special people in your life. Family, friends, colleagues, it may feel good to talk about and remember how good you felt in the moment. You can also share in the comments below or with me privately, feel free to email me here: I know some of you may not feel comfortable doing this and that’s ok, over time as you get to know me better you may want to a start conversation.

Would You Love To Learn More?

If you’d love to learn more about the strategies and tools I use to help my clients to feel they DESERVE a more empowered life AND more SUCCESS, please comment below or book yourself in for a FREE 30 minute chat with me. I’ll help you remember how incredible you really are and to take steps towards achieving even greater success in your life.

If you’re super keen to dive deep into the proven strategies and tools to build self-belief that I use with my clients, my new course From Self-Doubt to Self-Belief, Reclaim Your Power is for you! To find out more just email me at or use the book a session button to arrange a chat! 

To Your Success!