6 Ways To Increase Your Self-Worth

Do You Know Your Personal Value?

Many of us have a low opinion of ourselves and can have the impression that we are
not as good as people think. But what if we ARE?
Here are 6 ways to increase your self-worth and grow your sense of value:

1. Look Outside Of Yourself

The best way to identify how you add value is to step outside of yourself. This means
looking at yourself through the eyes of a colleague or a friend. What feedback would
they give you? What would they say about you and what do they think you’re good at? If
this is too hard, ask your friends and family what they value about you. I know it takes
courage, but it will give your self-esteem a boost and help you on the way to creating a
personal sense of value, and deservedness.

2. Learn How To Be Comfortable Being You

If you feel self-doubt (or Imposter Syndrome) you can end up doing everything you can
to stay busy, ‘in hustle’ to keep pushing yourself to do more – often living on adrenaline
and caffeine! It’s ok to live like this, but it’s exhausting. If we can slow down, get in touch
with our feelings, and show some vulnerability we will be much happier being our true

3. Stop Self-Sabotage Getting In Your Way

Self-sabotage is when we actively or passively take steps to prevent ourselves from
reaching our goals. An example of this could be if you’re offered an opportunity at work
and you find an excuse not to take it. It’s choosing to play small and stay in your comfort
zone. We all have reasons as to why we can’t do certain things, “I can’t because I’m not
experienced enough”, or “I can’t because I’m too old”, but these excuses stop us from
stepping up, stretching ourselves and living in our green-growing edge. If your self-
esteem is robust, you will look at things from a different perspective and instead of
finding an excuse, you’ll think, “she’ll be right”, shift your focus onto what you can do
(not what you can’t) and give it a go.

4. Embrace The Challenge To Become Your Best Self

As a coach, I encourage people to stretch themselves. If you make the choice to step up,
then you’re in control. You’re choosing to make that leap. You could take an
opportunity, master it, find a bigger opportunity, and then move on. Stretching yourself
is never comfortable. But when you’re trying to be your best self it’s about
acknowledging the things you can do, embracing the new challenge and being open-
minded. It’s not about having everything laid out in front of you and doing it perfectly.
Being the best version of yourself is about accepting it’s not perfect, and that doing your
best is ALWAYS more than just ok.

5. Manage your inner critic and back yourself

If your thoughts are making you feel bullied and criticised, then it’s your inner critic
rearing its ugly head. Our limiting beliefs tell us that life is hard, that the only way we will
get somewhere is through blood, sweat and tears. Often, we grew up hearing things
like, “you have to work hard to pay the mortgage” etc. Most of us live with these
thoughts every day, so we believe they are realistic and rational. But here’s the thing, if
want to grow your sense of worth, you need to be firm, employ some self-discipline and
take control back. You must be kind and compassionate to yourself and give your ‘inner
friend’ some airtime! Increasing your self-worth starts with appreciation – all that you
are, all that you bring and celebrating your special talents.

6. Develop A Habit Of Self-Kindness

If you can learn how to develop a habit of self-kindness you will reset your mindset. It’s
about remembering that you are kind, caring and making self-kindness a daily habit. It
could be a hug with your child or your partner, going for a walk, or even making yourself
a cup of tea. It’s all about ignoring the inner voice that says, ”I’m not being very
productive”, setting the boundaries and making time for you to just BE. Learning to
embrace the time I spend pottering and pondering is probably one of the best choices I
have ever made! And why I am now able to help others be kinder to themselves too.

Why Does It Help To Know Your Personal Value?

When you know self-worth, you’ll be able to confidently assert yourself as an equal in
relationships, take more opportunities, engage in work that’s more fulfilling, and live
intentionally with a sense of ease and alignment with who you really are. Don’t just live
your life, learn how to really LOVE IT!

If you’re struggling with your self-worth and you’d like to work with a personal
coach, book a free 30-minute call with me here: www.vickyevans.com/online-booking. You can find out more about how to
work with a personal coach, if we feel like a good fit (super useful) and ask me any questions you might have.

Hope you’ve had a fantastic start to a brand new year and looking forward to seeing you all thrive in 2022!

Take care,