Workplace Coaching Services

My workplace wellbeing products and services will help you and your team work better together to achieve shared goals and improve productivity in your workplace.

People management eats up time and requires emotional intelligence and patience! Something we can all do with a bit of help from time to time.

Encouragement, support and training to ‘think differently’ can often make a huge difference to your people’s mindset and therefore have a direct impact on the quality of work they are delivering. 

Helping people feel valued, supported and giving them direction is key to increasing valuable revenue streams.

I provide a suite of online and in-person services including coaching, mentoring, courses and webinars designed to inspire, motivate and engage your people to be their most productive – to give their best. 

Happy motivated people form better, more cohesive teams that deliver better on their objectives, KPIs and expected outcomes.

We’ll work together to determine which mix of services will best suit your workplace and put together a package for you and your team. Each package is designed to support your people (or your business) in ways that perhaps you or other management don’t have time to. 

In addition, the monthly ‘care packages’ provide ongoing support with follow ups for individuals or team leaders and weekly progress reports to your HR team or specified manager. 

One of my key skills is helping everyone feel more successful – an outcome which translates to greater productivity and success for individuals – and the people at the core of all businesses and organizations.

Coaching, workshops, and online courses



Personal and professional development for managers and teams


Mentoring (to overcome a specific issue)


Online Courses designed to build confidence, self-belief and awareness in individuals but also collectively in teams.
These courses are designed to help us to navigate life and work more skillfully so that we can lead happier, more productive and successful lives with a clear focus on what matters most.


Inspirational/performance/beating KPI related presentation



  • The vision workshop – create a life you love
  • Get out of your comfort zone and create more impact! 
  • Productivity and focus in challenging times
  • Working from home with kids
  • Putting yourself first and valuing your time
  • Monthly care package for your team.
    This is an extremely cost-effective way to utilise a suite of online resources to address any issues you or your business may be facing and is suitable for management, teams and individuals within your business. 


Facilitation – I can help your teams navigate through difficult issues and situations, working towards resolution and decisive action.

Workplace wellbeing

Is working with a coach right for my business?

Here are some questions relating to the most common challenges businesses and organisations are addressing right now.

she guided and facilitated the participants through an effective strategic planning process to achieve the outcome we sought

“I engaged Vicky Evans in my capacity as the Chair of AFS New Zealand to facilitate a strategic planning workshop for the Board and our stakeholders.  Vicky was briefed on the challenges facing the sector and the outcomes the Board was seeking from the workshop.  Vicky’s preparation, planning and approach was meticulous and very professional.  At the workshop she guided and facilitated the participants through an effective strategic planning process to achieve the outcome we sought.  Workshop participants commented that they felt their views were respected and contributions valued.  I will engage Vicky in future assignments, her ability to work with people from different backgrounds and perspectives was refreshing and results focused.”

Manga Maru, Wellington


Vicky facilitated a very challenging meeting and planning process for AFS New Zealand key stakeholders. Having only received very basic information about the scope of the project, and convening a group of individuals with incredibly diverse backgrounds and beliefs about the purpose and scope of the organisation, I was incredibly impressed with the grit and talent that Vicky demonstrated as a facilitator.

Not only was Vicky able to turn the conversation from disruptive conflict and past oriented action into convergence and future planning, but she was able to bring everyone along the journey with her, all within a few hours.

Vicky was calm, confident, clear and incredibly professional. If your organisation is facing collaboration challenges, facing uncertainty, lacking clear strategy and unsure how to make things work, Vicky is the person for you. 

Carla Rey Vasquez, Wellington

AFS International

“Vicky presented a very good workshop “Tips from a Life Coach” at our annual PA Forum in 2019, and that it was enjoyed and appreciated by our delegates.

Leeanne Templer, Wellington

Senior Advisor, Professional Practice, SOLGM

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