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Working with the Law (of the universe)

This 12-week program is an in-depth study of Raymond Holliwell’s book, Working with the Law. This book nearly fell into obscurity until Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor studied and shared it’s powerful teaching. The 11 spiritual principles you will study will allow you to create the life you truly desire. Working with the Law reveals the spiritual Laws that govern all things in the Universe and how you can harness them to create your dream life now. You will accomplish this through study of the Laws and principles and specific and clear action steps to follow.

(one week per topic, 3 month course, one hour a week via telephone or video call)

Week One

Working with the Law:

This week we will study Chapter 1 of Working with the Law and discover that when desire renewal, we can let go of the bad to make room for improvement. We will explore the concept that all of our problems are mental in nature and learn a practice that will clarify the mind, tone up the faculties and sharpen your perceptions. We will learn that there are no limitations in life, it is people that create their limitations. We can actually choose what we make out of an experience rather than letting the experience make something out of us. We will discover that there is a scientific way of thinking about everything and the Law is already within us. We cannot stop our thinking but we can regulate the form and quality of our thoughts.

Week Two

The Law of Thinking:

This week we will explore the Law of Thinking in-depth. We will learn the difference between Mental Activity and Authentic Thinking. We will assess the results we are experiencing in our lives and acknowledge that our thinking is the cause of them. We will also learn that growth isn’t about “getting” things, it’s about the growth itself. We will discover that the Law of Thinking allows us to access infinite possibility because we can really desire anything we want. Through our thoughts, we have the power to manifest anything we want in life.

Week Three

Law of Supply:

As we study this Law we will learn that the law of our being is perpetual increase, progress and growth. We should be happy with our current results but be looking upward for higher success. We will explore the idea that there is enough abundance for everyone – there is an infinite source of supply. Your abundance does not take away from anyone else’s abundance. The supply is always greater than the demand. We will learn how to remove our agreement with lack and begin to agree with abundance.

Week Four

Law of Attraction:

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction and this week we will learn the two essential elements of the Law of Attraction. We will also discover that when we have what we consider a problem, if we stop and find another perspective, the problem is not what it seems. We will also learn the three steps to get our thinking on track.

Week Five

The Law of Receiving:

 In our study of this Law, we will learn how to become one with or at a vibrational harmony with our desired good. We will learn how to become “go-givers” instead of “go-getters” and why giving always precedes and predetermines the receiving. We will continually draw into life what we give and expect.

Week Six

The Law of Increase:

During this week we will learn that anything we praise will grow and prosper. When we praise someone or something, we send out a positive vibration which allows that person or thing to grow. We will learn how to focus our attention and praise on the good in life and watch how that good doubles or triples. Being grateful for what we have allows us to be open to receiving more. We will also learn how praising ourselves will allow us to increase our abundance as well.

Week Seven

Law of Compensation:

 This week you will learn the Three Steps for the Law of Compensation and how to apply this Law to see more abundance in your life. You will see that there are opportunities all around you every day. If you are not receiving something, it is not because the thing isn’t there – it is because you are not allowing yourself to receive it. We must look for the good in every situation in order for the good in our lives to expand. We can only expect to receive the results that we create. You will also explore the key elements to being in harmony with the Law of Compensation.

Week Eight

Law of Non-Resistance:

As we continue our study of the Laws of the Universe, we will examine what we resist in our current lives and how if we are preparing for the worst, we can expect to receive it. We will learn that we cannot change circumstances but we can change our perception and response to them. We must look to find the good in everything, no matter what.

Week Nine

Law of Forgiveness:

This week we will learn what forgiveness truly means, and how it really is a gift we give ourselves. The quality of forgiveness must be as limitless as faith and hope and love. Guilt and Resentment are the most damaging emotions a person can have. Forgiveness also means forgiving ourselves. We will learn why forgiving someone is not “letting them off the hook” and that holding resentment has true physical effects on the body. We have the power to choose which thoughts will prosper and which ones will not.

Week Ten

The Law of Sacrifice:

As we study this Law, we will discover that although we may have a negative view of the word sacrifice, sacrifice actually means that you will gain something. You will give up something of a lower nature to receive something of a higher nature. We will also explore what discipline is and how we can cause great things to happen with our dedication and disciplined thinking.

Week Eleven

The Law of Obedience:

This week we will study the idea that the Laws of Life we have been learning about will only work in our lives if we are obedient to them. Once we learn to be in harmony with what is natural, we are no longer fighting the current, but instead floating along with it. We cannot work against nature and become successful. We will learn how to live our lives from the inside out and how this can change our lives.

Week Twelve

Law of Success:

We are all born with the same mental faculties and opportunities. This week we will explore the concept that every person contains within themselves the capacity for endless success. We will learn why it doesn’t take any more energy to go after the big win than it does after the small win. We will examine what success really means and how to create an image in our mind of what our success would look like. We will also discover that there is opportunity in every failure and explore what you would you be capable of if you were to eliminate fear in your life.

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